Welcome to MyCalSAE

MyCalSAE is a member community platform designed specifically for you, our members, to interact, learn and connect with other association peers and professionals.

Here are some of the features of MyCalSAE:

  • Discussion Forums
  • Email Notifications
  • Ability to reply to posts via email
  • Group Resources
  • Group News
  • Group Events
  • Group Links
  • Private Messages
  • Rich User Profiles
  • And more!

How To Connect

  1. Log into My CalSAE at using the same new username and password that you created through the new CalSAE website (prior login/passwords will not work).
  2. If you update your profile and photo in the member community, please note that you will ALSO need to do so on your Member Compass profile on the main website as unfortunately, the profiles don't sync to one and other.
  3. View groups you're in by clicking My Groups.
  4. Join a Group by clicking Find Groups to Join.
  5. Start a discussion by clicking Post New Discussion from the Discussions tab of any group.
  6. Reply to a discussion by clicking Reply… from within the discussion online OR by replying to a discussion email notification.